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wood working with some class.

The unique experience

The Charcuterie Board Workshop

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A unique experiece with the industries pros. This workshop is a mix of a little class and a little dust. Start the evening off with some some wine or perrier and tasty charcuterie while learning how to style a charcuterie board. Choose your live edge board and enter the woodworking space and try your hand at making your very own board. You will acquire some introductory woodworking skills from Lavigne & Co Design’s Founder Sarah Lavigne as she walks you through de-barking, sanding and oiling your board. At the end of the class you will leave with not only your board but the skills to style it, a jar of take home finishing oil as well as some new skills in woodworking.


Sarah Lavigne is the Founder of Lavigne & Co Design which specializes in custom furniture and build outs for cafes, office spaces and residential homes. Teaching classes like this one was birthed out of enjoying wine and charcuterie with friends and family. Wanting to bring the full experience to the classroom she decided to not only teach on how to build the actual board itself but make it an evening you’d actually enjoy with friends and family combined with simple woodworking and lessons on styling your board!


Perfect workshop to entertain clients with as a unique experience.

Or bring your team in for some team building, or holiday events.

Contact us directly for pricing.




Build your Own Live Edge Charcuterie Board